You can boldly achieve without working double-time! 

Learn the strategies from my business mentor Amy Porterfield to
Amplify, Accelerate and Automate your Profits. You can turn your knowledge
and know-how into a digital course that will generate consistent revenue for your business.

Amy helped me create and launch my digital course. Since 2020 over 250+ students have enrolled. 

Without her guidance, I would still be filming lesson one! 

I'm here for the bonuses!
AMY IS               FEATURED IN:

Digital Course Academy

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You Are Ready To Take Control of Your  Future?

Digital Course Academy helps online business owners and entrepreneurs turn their knowledge and know-how into a digital course that will generate consistent revenue for their business. 

The program provides a step-by-step strategy for the entire course creation journey — from strategy, to planning, to creation, to launching . . .  with no fluff and no stone left unturned. 

In a nutshell, DCA teaches students how to make the ultimate shift from struggling to make money online, feeling stretched too thin, and feeling uncertain of what they should be doing to creating a profitable asset in their business — a digital course that they can launch over and over again.


Digital Course Academy Is For You If...

  • You are ready to leave your 9-5 (is it really 9-5 anyway?) OR
  • You are looking to build a profitable side hustle OR
  • You have a small following (list), maybe even a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, but you are not making money OR
  • You are looking to add a new revenue stream to your business by adding a digital course OR
  • You created a course but are not sure you did it right or didn't see the success when launched AND
  •  You dream of living a more comfortable life

Check out these exciting bonuses from Sara Mayer Consulting! ($1525 Value!)

Bonus 1 ($1200 Value)

Weekly Call With Sara

Before, during and after the DCA course (9 weeks), you will have a 1:1 call (12 total calls) with Sara to talk about: 

  • Your course strategy
  • Your launch plan
  • Any roadblocks you may come across (including tech)
  • Share files, webinar decks, you name it we can take a look at it!

You’ll finish this course with a complete picture of your course and be ready to hit the ground running on your launch!

Bonus 2 ($400 Value)

12 Weeks in a Private Voxer Chat

Get your questions answered when you are stuck in a private Voxer voice chat:

  • Celebrate your Wins
  • Get help when stuck
  • Ask questions

You’ll have access to my team for the entire 12 weeks! 

Bonus 3 (Priceless)

Guest Appearance on the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast

Yep, that's correct, I will have you as a guest on my show to promote your new course! 

  • Share your course
  • Promote your business

We will help you get your message out!

Bonus 4 ($200 Value)

Sales Page Review

For many, the sales page is a sticking point. We will review your page:

  • Make recommendations on your content
  • Test the functionality
  • Ensure you are ready to go!

Putting your sales page out there is a tad scary, but don't worry we will make sure you are ready to go! 

Bonus 5 ($25 Value)

Podcast Sponsorship & Blog Feature

Get featured as a sponsor on the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast & Blog:

  • One 45-second spot recorded by you or the host 
  • Link in Show Notes
  • Special Social Post
  • Run in 1 episode 
  • Feature on one blog posting (video and/or text only)

A perfect first step to promoting your new Digital Course! 

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