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EP 216 Let me re-introduce myself with guest host Rosemary Lewis

bold goal crusher podcast Jan 18, 2024

# Let Me Re-introduce Myself: A Conversation with Sara Mayer, the Bold Goal Crusher

Welcome to a special blog post based on an episode of the Bold Goal Crusher podcast, hosted by Sara Mayer. In this episode, Sara brings guest host, Rosemary Lewis to flip the script and interview Sara about both her professional and personal life.

## Delving Deep Into Goal-crushing

Sara Mayer is an experienced business consultant who guides entrepreneurs, leaders, and non-profit heads to streamline their workload and accomplish their bold goals.

Throughout the years, Sara's podcast has grown into a trusted resource where listeners can navigate their journeys towards bold achievements without feeling pressured to overwork. Over 200 episodes in, Sara believes it was time for her to re-introduce herself to newer members of the community.

She hands the reins to Rosemary Lewis, a real estate professional loved by the Bold Goal Crusher community to interview her about her journey, work, and goals.

## Highlighting Key Motivation

Sara emphasizes how important it is to fully understand the goals one sets. She provides her clients with a candid account of the path ahead and works with them to solve seemingly impossible problems. She urges listeners to “take stock” of their goals, ensuring they’re genuinely what they want instead of vague New Year resolutions.

## Sara Mayer: The Everyday Inspiration

Rosemary probes Sara on what color would best describe her. Sara's choice is red, a favorite color of hers and symbolic of her bold, fiery, and impactful nature.

Sara also shares insights into the bold goals she set for 2023, where she strived to create a vibrant enterprise. She aimed to build a team that supports entrepreneurs, allowing them freedom to do what they're good at, while her team focuses on achieving their goals.

## The Transformation Journey

Sara details how she morphed from an employee given a vague assignment to discover the secrets of top performers to a consultant assisting others with time management and achieving goals.

Her breakthrough came when she realized that top performers weren't necessarily better at their jobs; they were simply working more hours. This unveiled the vital importance of time management, transforming her into a staunch supporter of efficient scheduling to ensure productive output.

## The Personal Side

Beyond the professional journey, Rosemary digs into Sara’s personal life. Sara thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with her dog Parker, getting lost in her passion for reading, and delving into exciting novels.

Fond memories flood her mind as she recounts the hilarity that ensued one Thanksgiving involving a homemade cranberry sauce disaster. She shares how her family's refusal to accept store-bought cranberry sauce adds a layer of warmth to her holiday season memories.

## Stepping into Action

Sara’s action-oriented approach is exactly what the Bold Goal Crusher community values. She encourages listeners to implement the strategies discussed in the podcast episodes and invites those who are struggling with their goals to reach out to her and her team. Her dream for her podcast community is to transition from passive to active listeners, and into those who actively achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Sara Mayer's versatility, wisdom, and dedication to aiding others in achieving their bold dreams continue to inspire her listeners and clients on their goal-crushing journeys. Whether you're seeking advice for your professional ventures or interesting anecdotes from Sara's personal life, this episode is an essential listen. Sara is sure to re-introduce you to your drive and passion, motivating you to move from merely setting goals into actually achieving them.

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