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Your goals are NOT too big - you just don’t have the right self-management strategy to get you there.

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Are you managing your time, or is your time managing you?

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I will teach you how to manage yourself by using a tactical, evidence-based framework that is PROVEN to get you results. 


This self-paced course will help you boldly achieve, with lessons such as:
Your Dreams and Ambitions
The Four Tendencies (Learn how best YOU respond to tasks)
Make Your Goals WORK
Design A Productive Space
Take Control of Tech
Tackle Your To-Do List 

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Fact: Less than 8% of people accomplish their New Years Resolutions and 75% quit after only 30 days!

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Hi, I’m Sara Mayer!
The instructor of this course.

A few years back, I was asked to create a workshop for middle and low performers to help them work more efficiently. As part of my research, I observed the top fifteen performers on the sales team. I was SHOCKED to discover that they spent up to 65-80 hours per week responding to emails, working on holidays, and always being on. 

I was even more shocked to discover that when I accounted for their extra hours, they were no more effective or productive than their peers who only worked forty hours per week. 

In fact, team members who only worked forty hours were the most efficient employees. They managed themselves well, they knew their goals, and they had a strong desire to achieve them. But they would never compromise their time. They went home at the end of the day and turned work off. 

Here’s the deal. You cannot manage time. Everyone has the same amount of time- the same twenty-four hours in the day to get things done. There is only one thing you can manage, and that is yourself. 

Nobody taught us how to work. There is no class on how to manage your email, set goals, put them on your calendar, or make sure the urgent work doesn’t get in the way of the important work.

We are just expected to know how to work efficiently.

That is, until now. 

This online class will teach you how to shut your laptop at the end of the day so that you can escape the tailspin of trying to manage all the things and finally accomplish your goals.

You will learn what stops you from achieving, discover why your systems are not working, and create a personal system to reach your dreams and reclaim your peace at the end of the day. 

In this course, we will boldly achieve together.

Learn Sara’s Foolproof Techniques for Self-Management and Success!

What’s Stopping You From Boldly Achieving?

The factors that we think boost our productivity may actually be killing our potential.

Find out whether your productivity tools are working for you or against you.


When you’re done, you’ll know exactly what is stopping you from boldly achieving. 

You’ll be in the perfect place to take this course!

How This Course Has Transformed Lives and Businesses

If you are looking to make a positive change in your life, I would highly recommend connecting with Sara Mayer. Her guidance and advice has encouraged me to be more thoughtful in my daily planning. I no longer say I don't have time for that. If the task is important to me, I find a way to add it to my schedule through better planning and organization. Thank you Sara!


Sara provided me with practical and useful tools to better organize my day. She also helped me to focus on goals - both big and small. With her guidance, I am on a better path towards making positive change in my life and career. Sara is thoughtful, patient, and straightforward. She really listens to you and tailors her advice to your specific needs. If you need a push in the right direction, I recommend trusting Sara to give you a hand.


Sara’s coaching and program style can help any person or organization become more productive when achieving milestones or small goals. I highly recommend Sara Mayer Consulting.