Happy New Year! 

Do you want to not only set but CRUSH your goals? 

Are you looking for a tip, trick, or hack to overcome the obstacles in the way of your goal achievement?

Are you ready to network with other high-achievers? 

Then you are in the right place! It's time for The Bold Goal Crusher New Year Party!

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Have you ever set a goal and then life got in the way? This happens all the time, even to high-achievers!

The New Year Party is designed to guide high-achievers through goal-setting activities that result in a plan for achievement. Plus provide a bank of grab-and-go resources for the things that are getting in the way of goal achievement. 

Presentations will be pre-recorded and be grouped as follows:

  • Workshop (60 Minutes)
  • Spotlight (45 Minutes)
  • Highlight (30 Minutes)

You can start anytime in January and experience the training at your own pace! 

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Training Topics:

The event is designed to be a kick-off to the New Year, but flexible. People can start the experience anytime in January. 

Theme 1 

Setting Bold Goals around the new year is fun and exciting, but often those goals fizzle out. This year let's set exciting, bold, and noteworthy goals! 

Theme 2 

Often there is a gap between the current state and the ability to achieve a goal. This gap is what stops many high achievers from crushing the goal. We will explore how to bridge the gap. 

Theme 3 

Life gets in the way and stops goal progress. We will explore those obstacles and how to crush them! 

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Live Virtual Events:

During the Month of January all attendees will have the opportunity to participate in LIVE events! 

- Book Club Discussion

- Vision Board Workshop

- Solution Circles (have a problem, we will help solve it)

- Guided Goal Setting 

- Planning Sessions

- Co-Working Sessions


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Swag Bags,  Party Favors & Prizes

The speakers featured in the Bold Goal Crusher Party have provided FREE resources in the swag bag for you to download and use to achieve your bold goals this year!

Participants will also have the opportunity to purchase party favors that include upgraded resources from the speakers. 

Will there be games &  prizes? Of course, we have party games and prizes! 


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New Year Party Pass



  • Access to the 5-day guided Goal Setting Sessions
  • Invites to Live Virtual Events
  • Access to the Party Swag Bag resources provided by speakers
  • Invite to Play games¬†with the opportunity to win prizes
  • Access to a supportive community¬†
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VIP Party Favor Pass



  • Additional Upgraded Party Favors from the speakers (Valued at over $3000) Workshops, courses, workbooks, Coaching calls, +More!
  • VIP Access to all the Live Virtual Events
  • VIP ONLY Virtual Live Party invite
  • Plus all the Free Party Pass Benefits
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