Your goals are the most important thing.

WHY are you putting them off?!

Hi, I’m Sara

and I am a firm believer in getting sh$* done. I’ve managed over 2,500 people across industries. I am known to jump in, get to the root of the problem, and get results. Whether you need to find more time for what you love, motivate your team to get results, or increase revenue in your small business, I can help you get where you need to go. 

I promise to ask the hard questions, tell you the truth, and hold you accountable to yourself. 

We’ll meet for scheduled calls, set goals, make a plan, and work together to achieve more.

Not making progress? Time to readjust.

Feeling unfulfilled? Let’s find out why.

You know you are meant for something more. 
You have a personal stake in your results. 
Your success is serious to you. 
Something needs to change.
You can’t afford to put it off.

It’s time to STOP missing your goals and start moving forward.
My methods are tried, tested, and proven.
You are not doing this alone anymore.

Let’s Do This! Click here to work with me.

Not making progress? Time to readjust.

Feeling unfulfilled? Let’s find out why.


Shout Out Arizona


We recently spoke to Shout Out Arizona about what sets us apart and work-life balance.


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Love the Work You Do Podcast

Do you feel like you need to spend some time connecting with your purpose? If so, this episode of the “Love the Work You Do” podcast is for you.


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Beautiful Arizona Homes with Shelly Myers, Realtor

Sara joined Shelly Myers, Realtor to talk about navigating in the current COVID-19  environment. Check out our conversation and share some tips you are using during this time.

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‘How to Change the World’ Podcast

Sara Mayer joined Catherine Alonzo, CEO of @JavelinaCo, to talk about Self Management so that you can live the life you want and change the world at the same time.

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How to Change the World Podcast

Sara, master philanthropist and Director of Operations for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the Southwest region, joins the podcast today to discuss "Principles" by Ray Dalio.

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The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together Podcast

Sara was a guest on The Art of Getting Your Sh*t Together Podcast talking about self-management and other gems! Enjoy the show wherever you get your podcasts! Sara is on Episode #46.

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District 3 Toastmasters 

Sara recently provided a workshop on the art of setting goals and a system to accomplishing them that is proven to work.  In this presentation, we will cover how to set BOLD goals and crush all the things that get in the way of achieving those goals. 

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Creating Strength Podcast 

Sara joined Lauren Kennedy to talk about all things self-management vs time-management. You will walk away with strategies you can use immediately. Is your day running you, or are you running your day? 

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Busy vs Productive


Sara joins Amanda Koziel in the VIP Collective Facebook group. They talk about the difference between being busy vs productive. 


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The Relationship Ready Podcast
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The High Achieving Female Podcast - Are you Productive or Busy?
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The Pam Sowder Podcast with Guest Sara Mayer
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The Achieving Female Podcast - How to Produce Time with Sara Mayer
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