Ep 6. Manifesting Exposure with guest Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane

My guest today is Educational Innovator and Leader, Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane. She lives in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, with her author husband, Roger, their daughter Holly Mae and their exuberant, unique, yet typically bonkers flat-coated retriever, Ted Hastings. Dr. Wilson-Crane has spent her twenty-five-year career working with young people and adults preparing for Higher Education and employment.  She expects a lot of herself and others and set some bold personal and professional goals in 2021, which she achieved.  

In this episode, Victoria and I talk about being intentional when choosing your word of the year, how loss and grief have impacted both of our lives, and she explains the inspiration behind writing her book "Sixteen Days" which comes out today!


In this episode we talk about:

[1:53] Intentions when coming up with your word of the year

[5:45] How Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane’s word manifested throughout the year

[8:28] Learn about Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane’s book “Sixteen Days” and experiencing grief

[13:00] Ways you can support someone experiencing loss or grief

[15:15] How Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane tracked her 2021 bold goals in order to achieve them

[18:30] How to prioritize your actions and goals to align with your word of the year

[21:28] Tips for setting big, bold goals

[25:18] Where to connect with Dr Victoria Wilson-Crane


 Connect with Dr. Wilson-Crane: 


Order her book Sixteen Days https://books.drvictoriawilsoncrane.co.uk/ 


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