Ep 36. Living Life by Design with guest Kate House

Do you struggle between what you feel like you "should" do and what you actually want to do? My guest today shares some incredible tips for staying focused on all the right things when working toward your big goals!

Kate House is a health coach, podcast host, slow-but-steady runner, meditation enthusiast, boy mom x2, and married to her college sweetheart. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s working passionately to help others live a life of intention through joy, gratitude, and healthy habits. She’s mostly known for being a health coach, host of The Live By Design Podcast, and creator of the LBD Collective. People often refer to her as the happiest person they know, and it’s her hope that her podcast can be a place to motivate and inspire you to live your biggest, boldest life. 



In this episode we talk about:


[2:30] What drives Kate to do what she does

[4:32] Learning that nothing changes if nothing changes

[6:10] The difference between what you “should” do and what you “want” to do

[8:00] Focus on things you’ve achieved when going after big goals

[13:25] Start with how you want to FEEL when making your vision board

[15:35] What are ABC goals?

[20:04] Daily habits that changed Kate’s life!

[31:00] How to connect with Kate




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