Ep 38. Achieving your bold goals YOUR way with Jessica Bargenquast

This episode is the reminder you need to go after your bold goals YOUR way- not follow the lead of everyone else. My guest knows a thing or two about tackling big goals while remaining authentic to yourself.

Jessica is the founder of Lady ChangeMakers, an all inclusive e-commerce platform for women-owned businesses. Jessica is an expert in creating exposure and driving traffic for e-commerce businesses. She launched Lady ChangeMakers in 2021 in an effort to create a central e-commerce hub for women-owned businesses - think Amazon, but all lady bosses. The platform launched with 25 founding members by invite only, but will open up membership for additional members In 2022. Today, she is focused on helping women grow their e-commerce businesses by educating on exposure, SEO and more. 




In this episode we talk about:


[2:50] How Lady ChangeMakers began

[4:35] The biggest lesson she always allows herself to relearn

[8:04] Do what feels right for you- not what everyone else is doing 

[9:30] How the enneagram helped Jessica is building her business

[13:30] The differences between men and women in business

[19:05] Why you should be thinking about your exit strategy while building your business

[20:25] How to juggle building a business while working full-time

[24:28] Where to connect with Lady ChangeMakers

[25:10] Participate in the giveaway!



Women-Owned businesses should join the Lady ChangeMakers Marketplace-
where women can now easily find, support, and SHOP women-owned!

The Lady ChangeMakers Marketplace offers packages for every business' budget. Businesses can select a package based on how much exposure you are looking for. Click here to learn more.




Connect with Jessica and Lady ChangeMakers:


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LinkedIn @ladychangemakers    



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