Ep 64. How to take control of your finances and unlock your goals with guest Victoria Sexton

Are you intimidated by finances and the thought of having a conversation with others about money? My guest today will help you to feel more financially empowered!


Victoria Sexton is a best-selling author, wealth creation coach and money mentor. She helps successful women create wealth and attain financial freedom. Her straight-talk financial coaching, education, and strategies give her clients the confidence to embrace their abundance and take control of their financial future. 




In this episode we talk about:


[5:45] What financial freedom means

[8:45] When women have access to more money, they have access to take care of people on a deeper level

[12:00] Get comfortable talking about money (without judgement)- especially with your kids!

[16:35] What is a recession?

[19:00] What if we’re heading into a recession?

[26:15] Know where you stand with your finances

[33:00] Victoria’s community “The Rich Life” and where to connect



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