Ep 72. Learning so you can live life on your own terms with guest Sahara Rose De Vore

Have you ever found yourself asking, "What do I need to learn in order to achieve my goal?" Today's guest makes answering this questions simpler than you might think...

Sahara Rose De Vore is a Wellness Travel Coach and the Founder of The Travel Coach Network, a global community of travel coaches. Sahara went from broke college student to traveling to 84 countries solo to becoming the CEO of her travel businesses. She believes that there is more to a travel career than just blogging and booking trips which led her to creating the world's first and only ICF accredited certification program for travel coaches. Today we are talking all about learning to crush your bold goals. 




In this episode we talk about:


[7:55] What Sahara needed to learn in order to achieve her goal of traveling 

[9:00] No one is going to make it happen but yourself

[10:45] Stop following the “shoulds” and design your own life

[13:15] Give yourself time to explore what you want and don’t want

[20:00] The power of creating your own definition of what you do

[25:00] How Sahara has found her coaches and mentors

[29:17] Some of Sahara’s favorite countries she has visited

[32:30] Where to connect with Sahara and learn more




Connect with Sahara Rose De Vore:

Instagram @sahararosethetravelcoach


Facebook @SaharaRoseTheTravelCoach




Connect with Sara:

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