Ep 78. Book Series: Positive Intelligence with Jovita Robertson

Welcome back to the Book Series! In this episode, I discuss the book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine with my guest, Jovita Robertson.

Jovita is a Leadership Development and Career Coach with over 8 years of experience managing teams and developing leaders. Her program addresses the 6 key soft skills that women can use to get unstuck, build confidence, and advance their careers.  

Jovita is currently the Vice President of Operations at Covington Ridge Financial, is on the fundraising committee for Live and Learn non-profit organization for women and is a fellow Toastmaster serving in various leadership and mentor roles for the past 9 years. 


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In this episode we talk about:

[3:55] You can’t fight your enemy if you don’t know they’re your enemy 

[5:00] Everyone has saboteurs- we need to learn how to manage them

[8:10] Why we NEED the “Judge”

[13:15] Do you resonate with the “Controller?”

[15:50] It’s not always a good thing to be a Hyper-Achiever 

[27:25] So many people relate to the “Pleaser” and need to focus on their own needs

[35:10] The goal is to move into your sage

[35:55] The Sage’s 5 great powers

[40:00] Learn more about the PQ Quiz

[43:20] What Jovita would ask the author



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