Ep 82. Overcoming adversity with guest Stephan Neff

Stephan Neff has had more than a fair share of trauma in his life. He has tried to drown PTSD, depression and anxiety in industrial doses of vodka but had to learn the hard way that those critters can swim. Nowadays he lives a very different life, where self-love, humility, integrity and transparency actually mean something. He hosts the show MY STEPS TO SOBRIETY, and has just released the second edition of his book under the same name. 




In this episode we talk about:


[2:15] How Stephan’s upbringing impacted his purpose now

[7:00] Stephan’s relationship with alcohol- leading to sobriety

[12:15] Getting curious about who you really are

[18:50] Overcoming reactions that are hardwired into our DNA

[20:15] The privilege of choice

[21:40] Let yourself feel your feelings

[30:40] The power in learning to recognize your emotions 

[36:30] Where to connect with Stephan 



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