Ep 84. Unpacking the trauma boxes with Tasha Wilson

Tasha is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Tasha has published four books and co-authored one anthology. As a sexual assault survivor, Tasha shares her evolutionary journey to inspire millennial women in breaking glass ceilings by transforming their pain into power and rediscover who they are beyond their trauma. Recognizably known as Tasha W: Messenger of Hope™, she helps millennial women unlock the treasure within, confront pitfalls from the past, and explore the power of fearlessness.  





In this episode we talk about:


[3:20] How Tasha processed her sexual assault and used her experience to help others

[7:30] How Tasha published her books?

[9:40] Sometimes, there is more to our goal journey

[10:30] How to acknowledge your trauma so you can find the best way to process it

[15:45] The trauma you experience is NOT punishment 

[18:00] Tasha’s next bold goals

[19:50] Tasha’s advice for entrepreneurs with bold goals




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