EP 228 It's time to declutter with guest Caroline Thor

In this episode of the 'Bold Goal Crusher Podcast', the host, Sara Mayer welcomes Carolyn Thor, a KonMari consultant from the UK based in Germany. Carolyn talks about her journey, stress management, and the profound impact of decluttering and organizing. She shares insights on overcoming mess and chaos through strategies that simplify living, make tidying fun, teach children how to be organized, and enable them to independently manage their spaces. She also emphasizes that tidying is not a 'one person' job but a family initiative, and encourages listeners to visualize their ideal lifestyle as a starting point to declutter and reorganize their homes. She also talks about her consulting services for those seeking help in organization and decluttering, both in person and online. 


00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Guest 

02:10 Guest's Journey to Becoming a KonMari Consultant 

03:20 The Impact of Decluttering on Mental Well-being 

04:06 Transitioning from Teaching to KonMari Consulting 

05:37 The Process of Decluttering and Organizing 

10:27 The Importance of Teaching Kids to Tidy Up 

15:14 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up 

17:54 Visualizing Your Ideal Lifestyle 

20:08 The Joy of Donating Unused Items 

20:34 Challenges in Decluttering: Personal Stories 

21:54 The Emotional Attachment to Things 

22:34 The Struggle with 'Just in Case' Items 

23:44 The Impact of Donations: A Heartwarming Story 

27:42 Fitting Decluttering into a Busy Schedule 

30:36 The Role of Family in Decluttering 

32:05 Making Chores Fun for Kids 

36:19 The Importance of Teaching Kids to Tidy Up 

38:09 Working with a Decluttering Expert 

38:59 Closing Thoughts: Crushing Goals by Eliminating Clutter 



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