Ep 75. Seasons of change

Have you ever stopped to think about what season you're in? We are always shifting between different seasons in our life and in our business. It's okay to shift between different seasons, just make sure you don't skip one!




In this episode I talk about:


[1:12] Things are always seasonal in life and in business

[3:00] Don’t skip the season of dreaming and planning!

[6:10] Journal about your exciting ideas

[8:00] When you identify the reasons for each season, it's easier to detach 



Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy was my ticket to finally constructing & selling [name of your course(s) here], so don't mind me while I shout it from the virtual rooftops.
Without her guidance, I'd still be trying to figure it all out.
Wondering ...
⁉️Do I really have what it takes to do this?
⁉️Will people roll their eyes if I put myself out there with a course??
⁉️Aren’t there ENOUGH courses on [topic] out there already??
⁉️Is 1-on-1 work ever going to be less exhausting?
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