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habits Aug 02, 2021

This blog isn’t for all of you.

It’s exclusively for those of you who have a sneaking suspicion that you’re made for something big…

...making a big impact, ticking off big goals, making big financial returns (because why not?), and living a BIG life. 

If that is you, I’ve got something for ya. But first, a quick question. 

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly trying to find out how to get it all done in your life and business? 

I know, I know -- as a business owner trying to juggle work, life, and all the in-between, it can get pretty tricky to simply get from point A to point B. There just isn’t time to chip away at those big dreams you had for yourself once upon a time.

Especially if you’re thinking about creating a life with freedom, on your own terms. 

I used to feel the same way.

Until I didn’t. 

I spent some time examining my life and realized I wanted more freedom. I was working all the time but not moving forward on my goals. I looked at my day and realized my day was focused on everyone else's priorities and it started first thing in the morning. Once I established my morning routine and created morning habits EVERYTHING changed! This changed my focus from others to my priorities. 

Do you need to make a shift? You can!

And you know what’s even better? 

Amy Porterfield, a business owner that I know, like, and trust (!) and my digital course mentor, has created a FREE guide for you to finally start building simple habits into your day that free you up to start thinking, dreaming, and planning….BIG.

I used to just guess at the things that would set me up for success, but now Amy has made it simple for you (and me) to have what we need to move closer to our goals every day.

With the Create More Freedom & Live Your Best Life: 6 Daily Habits To Swear By free guide, you’ll discover: 

  • How the power of visualization can help you get closer to your goals (Science backs this up!)
  • Ways that a morning routine can squash your limiting beliefs (Um, yes please!)
  • Why identifying and defining your goals matter to move your business forward
  • What it means to really take care of your health so you can have the energy to run your business (it’s a marathon -- not a sprint, so you have to be healthy for the long haul)

And more!

Honestly, I’m sharing this with you today because everything is better together, right? 

This journey of entrepreneurship can be lonely sometimes, so any chance I get to connect with you and make sure we’re all getting what we need to move the needle forward, I’m going to take it.

If you’re ready to create habits that will begin a brand new chapter for you and your that sets you up to pursue the kind of freedom that would change the game forever, grab your Create More Freedom & Live Your Best Life: 6 Daily Habits To Swear By today.

Let me know what habit you’re putting into place as you get started -- I want to hear you’re with me on this. 

I can’t wait to cheer you on!

Sara Mayer

PS if you didn't read any of this. Grab your resource here.



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