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Break It down into Daily Task

Break It Down into Daily Tasks

goals productivity May 03, 2023

To take even more of the pressure off of setting deadlines, you can actually add something to your to-do list each day when it comes to your plan of action. You’ll feel so much more proactive and productive when you do this. Setting up daily tasks is a particularly effective strategy for those who are easily overwhelmed by giant-seeming goals. It’s all about working the plan, remember? Taking very small actions each day might be a more manageable way for you to approach your plan, and that’s perfectly okay.

In all honestly, it’s actually a great thing. Setting daily to-do’s gives you laser focus. Completing one small piece of the puzzle is fairly easy, but the confidence you gain after getting a few things checked off your list can be incredibly motivational. You’ll want to keep the momentum going by completing more and more ticks off of your to-do list.

As with the bigger time frames, you’ll add each daily task to your calendar. For the person from our example returning to school to become a graphic designer, this can be as simple as writing down daily classroom homework. Each assignment finished is a small step closer toward obtaining that degree and beginning a dream career.



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