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Book - Generating Business Referrals

Generating Business Referrals – A Simple 5 Step Plan to a Referral Explosion ~ Stacey Brown Randall

books business owner Nov 29, 2022

If you are a business owner, you are continually trying to find new business and referrals are the best way to boost business. Sure, you could take out expensive ads or set your mind on TV spots but honestly that only works for a small population of business owners. Business owners love to get referrals from clients and even people that are not clients simply fans. As business owners what is the best way to generate referrals? Asking?

You probably have been there when someone asks you to refer someone, you might have had a line on a form asking you to write someone in. Do you? Most do not and honestly, it feels a little strange. Randall debunks years of advice that has been given that asking is the best way to generate referrals.

 “Someone giving us a referral is not about us, and asking for a referral makes it all about us” (Randall, pg. 29).

She goes on to lay out a simple 5 step process on how to generate, track and nurture referrals in business. She also provides multiple worksheet tools and materials as a supplement to the book to get the reader started. You will walk away with a plan that is not salesman-like that you can feel comfortable about.

How have I implemented this?

80% ish of my clients have come from referrals. This book was a great check on my current process. I now have a framework for nurturing my referral sources that feels authentic and genuine. If you own a business and need more business check out the book here and dive in!

Randall. (2019). Generating Business Referrals. Morgan James Publishing.




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