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Make it Happen Wrap Up

Make it Happen Wrap Up

goals productivity May 21, 2023

Wow! We’ve really covered a lot of material in this Series. Good job seeing it through. You’re definitely ready to take on the big process of creating a vision and making your dreams come true. You’ve learned about the importance of vision. It’s this greater purpose that actually guides your goals. Your vision is your why. It’s the framework that everything else falls within.

A lot goes into your vision. You need to decide what you want to do or be, taking your core values into consideration. Your vision has to be in line with your values and what’s important to you if it’s to become a fulfilling reality. Figuring out how you want to live, what’s important to you and the things you’d like to have in your life are all aspects of your vision. You should take all the time you need to feel confident in the picture you create for yourself. If you’ll recall, it’s this clarity of vision that’s really necessary before you can begin to develop goals.

Goals are the steps you take to achieve your vision. You can set many or just a few. Sometimes it’s best to start with just one as you practice and get a feel for the process. Goals are always evolving. That’s why it’s so important to check in on your progress regularly.

Making a plan of action is the step that really gets to the nitty gritty of attaining your aspirations. This plan gives you something tangible to follow so that you don’t fall into old habits, abandoning your goal. Abandoned goals lead to unfulfilled vision. Setting a detailed and specific action plan is the key to ensuring you stick with it. Then determine target dates for completion of each step along the way. Don’t forget to check in on your progress regularly so you can make adjustments if need be.

Dreaming big and reaching those lofty goals of yours really is as simple as creating a plan and working it daily. By implementing the steps I’ve given you, you’ll soon find it’s not nearly as intimidating as you once believed. It can even be incredibly fun to set challenges for yourself and to knock each one off your list.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. I hope you’ve found the information to be helpful. I wish you all the luck in getting those big dreams off the ground, and I have all the confidence in the world that you can achieve those big goals. Just work the plan.

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