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Miscellaneous Make it Happen Tips

goals productivity May 14, 2023

Adhering to the structures set forth in this series will greatly help you to create a vision and develop the goals needed to fulfil it. I’d like to leave you with a few miscellaneous tips I’ve learned along the way that can be really useful when goal-setting becomes hard.

One thing I really like to do is to practice affirmations. These are positive statements that help to increase confidence through repetition. It’s good to practice your affirmations at a particular time of day in order to get in the habit. Morning affirmations are part of my regular routine. Repeating your affirmations actually sets them into your subconscious. You’ll soon find that the words you’re telling yourself are coming true.

Set some affirmations directly related to your goal. If you’re taking classes and are feeling less than confident about your academic skills, you could state, “I am intelligent and capable. I’ve been successful in my school work in the past.” This daily reminder will plant a seed of belief in yourself that can keep you moving positively toward your goal and lessen the doubts that tend to creep in. Give it a try, and you’ll see how easily it can work for you.

Another trick is visualization. Close your eyes and see yourself in the future situation you desire. Imagine yourself receiving your exam from the professor, looking at it and smiling when you see the grade you were hoping for. Actually see the setting. Visualize the desks, the lighting, and the students around you. Feel the paper in your hand. Taking these extra steps cements the scene into your subconscious, making it more likely to come true. Pay attention to the feelings you have when you receive that paper. These can spur you on toward making that vision a reality.

Finally, don’t be afraid to accept help. Achieving big dreams can be done alone, but it sure does make it easier when you have support. Ask friends or family to watch your children so you can study. Call up a friend and suggest a night out for dinner in order to unwind when you’re feeling stressed out. Ask your professor for more time if you’ve fallen behind on an assignment due to caring for a sick family member. People are usually more than willing to help. Too many of us allow our pride to cause us unnecessary struggle.

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