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Burnout and Fatigue

Still Feeling Tired and Burnt Out? It May Be Time for a Physical

burnout & fatigue habits productivity Mar 12, 2024

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but sometimes your physician’s advice is the very thing you need to overcome fatigue and burnout. If you have been taking your self-care practice seriously but you still aren’t experiencing any relief, it might be time for a physical.  

In the field of psychiatry, the first thing a Psychiatrist requests that new patients do is get a physical. This is because many symptoms of mental distress can have a physical cause. It isn’t wise to start treating a symptom of depression, fatigue, or burnout from a cognitive perspective if the underlying issue is a physical one.  

A physician can run blood tests to check on your organs, hormones, and other vital aspects of your health. Additional tests can be administered to eliminate possibilities of other physical issues that can manifest as fatigue.  


Here are a few common culprits of low energy and fatigue: 

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies- It is possible to experience fatigue due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Your physician can test your blood to find out what nutrients you may be lacking.  

Low functioning thyroid- Hypothyroidism is a chief cause of chronic fatigue and burnout. Your doctor can check your thyroid function with a simple blood test.  

Misalignment of the spine- All our organs are supported by our skeleton. The posture of the skeleton is designed to ebb and flow with your movements, but sometime things get misaligned by stress and pressure over time. Your chiropractor can help align and adjust your spine and other joints to function optimally and reduce your fatigue. Chiropractic services may help with the functioning of other body systems as well.   

Sleep apnea- If you have a spouse who complains about your snoring, there is a chance you could have sleep apnea. If you live alone, you may not be getting feedback to see if you are snoring and gasping for breath throughout the night. Having a sleep study done can measure your quality of sleep and diagnose any physical issues that may be robbing you of the restful sleep you need to function at your best.  

Other issues- Issues like diabetes, fibromyalgia, UTIs, and other medical conditions can all cause fatigue. Discovering the correct diagnosis and beginning to treat any manifesting medical issues as soon as possible can alleviate or reverse your negative symptoms.  

If you haven’t had a physical this year - it’s time. Even if you have already had one but are still concerned about your fatigue, it won’t hurt to reconnect with your doctor. As we age, there are certain tests that become vital to managing our aging process. Here are a few tests to start considering if you are reaching your mid-life: 

  • Colonoscopy 
  • Mammograms 
  • Lipid panels 
  • Diabetes screenings 
  • Vision and hearing tests 
  • Skin screenings 

A physical exam is an excellent first step in relieving the fatigue and burnout that isn’t manageable with diet, exercise, and mindfulness. Your physician will go over your test results and have recommendations for taking your next steps that will have you on the road to feeling great before you know it.  


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