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Book – The 12 Week Year – Get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months ~ Brian P. Morgan & Michael Lennington

books Dec 17, 2020

Ever read a book that challenges how you look at work and conventional ways of running a business (or your life)? This book challenges the status quo.

The authors encourage you to toss the annual plan, that is right, toss the annual plan. This is something I can get behind, a lot (a lot) can happen in a year and the annual plan ties us down to inflexibility.

I have been known to throw out the idea of smart goals and new year’s resolutions because they simply do not work. This book will encourage you to think differently about how you work.

 “The 12 Week Year tackles both the way you think and the actions you take. At the action level, it concentrates on building capacity within a set of success disciplines that are required for effective execution.

We have found that top performers – whether athletes or business professionals – are great, not because their ideas are better, but because their execution disciplines are better” (Morgan & Lennington, Pg. 69).

How have I implemented this?

I used this book to review my system of work. While I found this book after my system was developed, the 12 Week Year is a system that aligns with my process.

If you get stuck, lost in the day to day, or feel overwhelmed, this book will change the way you work. The system focuses on keeping your goals and vision at the forefront of your day and affords you the flexibility to adjust as needed.

If you are just building your self-management system to achieve your bold goals, this book is an excellent place to start!


Morgan, B.P. & Lennington, M.  (2013). The 12 Week Year. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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