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Burnout and Fatigue

Welcome and Why are We So Exhausted All the Time?

burnout & fatigue habits productivity Feb 13, 2024

How tired are you? Are you reading this post while you swig caffeine after a sleepless night with your smartphone inches away from your head, glowing in the night, and alerting you to every post and comment made on social media? Did you wake up to a to-do list overloaded with expectations and a family with more going on than the Kardashians? 

It’s no wonder we are so exhausted. We live in a time where we have more expectations and more to do than any previous generation. Most of the things that were designed to make our lives more efficient and our quality of life superior to that of the past are causing us to deteriorate mentally, physically, and socially. So much for the modern era of being able to do and have it all. 

We are about to spend the next 30 days looking at burnout: what causes it, how to prevent it, and how to rejuvenate if we have pushed ourselves past prevention. Each day you will receive a new opportunity to better understand what burnout is, as well as the effects it has on our minds, bodies, and entire family.  


Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect over the next 30 days: 

Understanding the physical aspects of burnout- How sleep, overwhelm, stress, and exercise all play an important part in causing, avoiding, or recovering from burnout in our lives. You’ll learn some of the culprits you may not realize are stealing your peace and your health. I’ll show you how to get rid of them, or at the very least, reduce their impact.  

Learn to read the signs and symptoms of burnout and fatigue- There are tell-tale signs all around that point to your level of burnout and fatigue. You’ll better understand how your lifestyle may be contributing to your chronic fatigue and sense of burnout. Then, you can consider my suggestions to start making changes that will simplify your life and make burnout less likely.  

Discovering alternative behaviors to improve health- Burnout can be avoided, and you can recover from its effects. I will share pro tips and important ideas that will get you fired on all cylinders. 

Over the course of a month’s time, you will start to feel rejuvenated and more in control of your environment and family life. Look forward to feeling better, sleeping better, and feeling in control and purposeful in your day-to-day life. I can’t wait to get started sharing this information and helping you see the results in your life that you deserve!  



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