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Are you Productive or Busy?

Are you Productive or Busy?

goals productivity reflection Jan 26, 2021

Life is more than just email, to-do lists, and household chores. Somewhere, the idea of checking items off the list has been deemed being productive. This is not productivity, this is being BUSY.

As youth we are not taught how to work, we are just tossed into the deep end and expected to swim. In an effort to get a handle on our work and lives we pick the easiest tasks and check them off the list first. Then once those are completed we are totally exhausted and do not have the brainpower to attack the big tasks that get us closer to our goal. In order to be productive, effective, and achieve our goals we need to flip our work model. It may seem like the opposite, we may accomplish less in a day, but this is the only way to truly be productive.

Some tips on how to be productive and achieve bold goals:

1) Start and end your day with a goal related task

As you plan your day, I encourage you to start with a goal task. Notice I don't say "start your day by checking your email". Start your day with your GOALS and you will feel accomplished, productive and you will be closer to your goal.

2) Review your goals Weekly, Monthly & Yearly

Keeping your goals at the forefront of your day is not as easy as one would think. Life tends to get in the way and people tend to cut into our lives. Keeping goals on the top of the list requires regular reflection.

3) Delegate

Let go of the tasks you can let go of. If someone in your organization can do it at 60% of your level, give it to them. Let them learn and grow in the test. Leaders should have fewer tasks on the to-do list and more mentoring and coaching of others on the list.

4) Don't be a speed bump on others productivity journey

When you work, start with the tasks that others are waiting on you to complete. Let them move forward in their progress. Don't get caught up in perfectionism during the review. Review, provide feedback and let them get on their way.

Learning to work effectively and delegating to others (as appropriate) will ensure at the end of the year you are closer to your goals.

2021 the year to be productive, not busy!



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