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Productivity - Do This to Be More Consistent in Life and Business

Do This to Be More Consistent in Life and Business

goals habits productivity reflection Feb 20, 2022

Consistency is about doing repeatable tasks each day, night, or week depending on the goal you are trying to accomplish. Consistency is a smooth and repeatable process combined with the right actions to achieve your goal more efficiently.

Just think about the last place you ordered food. It’s likely that one of the top reasons you selected this choice is due to predictability and knowing they will do it right or be consistent in delivering the food you expect. Their ability to provide you with the same food each time is why you keep coming back and why they are successful.

Become more consistent in life and business by following these five tips:

It’s Not Always About Being Comfortable

Push through even if you don’t feel like it or want to do it. It is pretty understood amongst successful entrepreneurs that continuous daily actions, no matter if you feel like doing nor what other problems are currently going on, are the path that leads to success. Even the happiest people realize they will experience discomfort, and it doesn’t stop them from getting what they want.  

Understand Your True Wants and Intentions in Life

How do you define success, and what values do you live by each day? If you can’t answer these questions quickly, then take a moment right now to answer them and understand them.

If you don’t know yourself honestly, you can’t expect to achieve goals, especially not the right ones. Imagine for a moment that you have accomplished everything you want out of life and create a vision board to match it. This way, you can have a daily reminder to help you back on track.

Clarify Your Mission and Expectations

Highlight your goals and clearly outline what resources and other requirements you need to get there. The easier it is to understand, the easier it will be to make processes and systems that better flow for you and your business -- giving you the resources you need to be more consistent.

Organize and Work in Batches

Be sure the work you set to do each day is organized and relevant. For example, schedule a separate time for checking emails or responding to clients, and don’t allow yourself to work on anything else during this time.

Establish Healthy Routines

The first step you take in the morning is the most important as it determines your path going forward and how well you do. For example, if you wake up each morning in a bad mood, you will likely drag your feet trying to get work done -- making your day that much harder to get going. Find the routines that allow you to live at your most optimal mental and physical health to always start on the right foot.   

Being consistent should be at the top of your priority list and easy to do as long as you plan correctly and commit to it each and every day

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