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Reflection - Don’t Let This Momentum Killer Destroy Your Success

Don’t Let This Momentum Killer Destroy Your Success

productivity reflection Jul 12, 2022

Avoiding ownership and accountability impacts your life and business in many unhealthy ways. It is the momentum killer that ultimately eats away at your success, if there was any hope to start with, and certainly stalls any results for which you were hoping.

Waiting for others to do the work for you, blaming faults on everyone else, or finding excuse after excuse as to why bad things keep happening or why you keep delaying action will halt any success you hope to see in your life. Taking ownership and accountability is important:

  •  For accelerated progress and business success.
  •  For refining goals and responsibilities.
  •  For improving your weaknesses and industry expertise.
  •  To provide a sense of validation and control.
  •  To keep you focused and engaged on what is most important.

Steps to improving your accountability and ownership for increased business success:

Step 1: Accept and Highlight the Truth

No one likes being wrong. It won’t feel the best at first, but there is a greater chance for peace with acceptance. Learn to highlight your weaknesses and problem areas so you can actively fight to do what’s right each step of the way. It’s not always as dramatic as it feels in the moment and most of the time, accepting it right away and verbally taking responsibility is all you need to get back on track and de-stress.

Step 2: Manage Your Expectations

Only rely on yourself and the actions you take to be successful. Don’t expect the world to give you everything on a silver platter. While success can and will happen to you, you must realize that it acts from you, and only you to get there. Please find what you need to do and make it happen. Don’t wait around for the world or others to make you happy.

Step 3: Find an Accountability Partner or Mentor

This is an excellent strategy if you have the extra funds or a friend and partner willing to help. When other people rely on you or expecting something from you, you are more willing and likely to do it. Not only that, but mentors can also provide knowledge, experiences, and perspectives that are far beyond your current reach to use and improve your ways.

Step 4: End the Excuses

Finally, the most important thing you must do is to stop excuses. Excuses only hold you back and prevent you from seeing the actual cause of your actions. It’s not the alarm clocks’ fault you didn’t show up on time again. It’s the lack of understanding why you keep hitting snooze and not putting in the effort to go after your goals.

According to the dictionary, accountability is all about taking responsibility for your actions and inactions (as the case may be) and dealing with the consequences, good, bad, or indifferent, to do better in life and achieve your goals. With consistent effort and the commitment to be a better person, you are more likely to be successful.



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