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Exercise - The Endorphins Will Give You An Instant Boost In Confidence

boost your confidence goals habits Jun 08, 2024

Do you want a technique that will give you an instant confidence boost? One that will immediately raise your confidence and keep it higher for the rest of the day? One that, if repeated often enough, will raise your baseline confidence permanently? 

I’ve got just the technique for you. It’s called exercise. 

I know what you’re thinking -what in the world does working out have to do with my self-confidence? I want to feel better about myself, not get in shape. Well, you don’t have to work out enough to get into better shape for exercise to raise your confidence. You don’t even have to do aerobics. 

How does this work? Well, when you exercise, both your body and brain are stimulated in many different ways. They dump out a lot of the toxic chemicals from stress and anxiety. This alone makes you feel better. But this isn’t what boosts your confidence. 

Exercising makes your brain release a class of chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals are also referred to as feel-good hormones because that’s what they do. They boost your mood, your self-confidence, your self-esteem -pretty much everything that has anything to do with the interaction of your brain chemistry. 

A whole lot of these endorphins get dumped into your bloodstream whenever you work out. They make you feel better instantly. The effects are long-lasting too. Researchers have detected noticeable increases in endorphins many hours, and sometimes a full day, later.  

If you exercise enough, the baseline level of these hormones in your blood will also increase, leading to a nearly permanent boost in your mood and self-confidence. How’s that for a simple technique to raise your confidence? 

But it gets even better. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get these effects. You don’t even have to do an aerobic workout or hop on any of the machines. While it’s true that more intense types of exercise release more endorphins, any form of exercise will cause at least some increase in your endorphin levels. 

This means that even taking a walk will boost your self-confidence! All you have to do is walk for 10 or 15 minutes and you’ll notice an improvement in your mood and self-confidence. If you do this daily, you’ll get a permanent improvement just as you would if you went to an aerobics class every day. 

Try this technique today. What have you got to lose? 



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