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EP 201 Book Club: Permission to Offend by Rachel Luna

bold goal crusher podcast books Nov 27, 2023

Title: EP 201 Book Club: Permission to Offend by Rachel Luna

Hello, Bold Goal Crushers! Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher podcast, where we help you stop letting life get in the way and start crushing your bold goals. I'm your host, Sara Mayer, and I'm thrilled to navigate this journey with you. Today, I want to dive into an incredible book that has been the talk of our book club: "Permission to Offend" by Rachel Luna.

Before we get started, let me remind you of the bold goal crushed mission. It's all about breaking through limits to achieve your audacious goals and not letting life get in the way. With that in mind, let's jump into the pages of Luna's book.

Who is Rachel Luna, and why should her insights matter to us? Rachel Luna is a coach in the personal development world, and her life experiences have shaped her unique perspective. In "Permission to Offend," she shares her wisdom and guides us on breaking free from social expectations and embracing discomfort. It's not just another self-help book; it's a guide to adopting a mindset that propels you towards your biggest goals.

As I read through the pages of "Permission to Offend," one theme stood out to me: liberation. Luna's perspective on embracing discomfort and breaking free from societal norms made me reflect on moments when I held back for fear of offending someone or stepping out of the norm. Post-COVID, many of us have reevaluated our lives and what we want them to be. Luna's book encourages us to think deeply about this as we move forward.

So how does Rachel Luna's philosophy align with the bold goal crusher mindset? It's all about breaking barriers and smashing through limitations. Luna's message resonates strongly with our mission. She challenges us to go after what we truly want and not let the fear of offending others hold us back.

Throughout the book, Luna shares powerful quotes that stuck with me. One quote that resonated deeply was, "Giving yourself permission to offend is not about being intentionally hurtful. It's about giving yourself permission to own and share all the parts of you without filters, shame, or fear." Offending is about liberation, truth, empathy, and strength of character. It's about being your authentic self.

In "Permission to Offend," Luna presents a framework for breaking free from the stories we tell ourselves. She encourages us to separate the facts from fiction, to question and choose new beliefs. The book dives into the power of empathy and understanding the feelings of others, while still standing up for our truth. Luna helps us identify different personas and the hurdles they face, providing affirmations and strategies for growth.

Now, you might wonder how to put Luna's teachings into action. She suggests setting a ridiculously simple goal for yourself that you can achieve three days in a row. Each day you achieve the goal, celebrate it. This exercise helps build confidence and breaks the cycle of holding back due to fear of offending others. Remember, discomfort is the birthplace of growth, so lean into it.

If you're inspired by the concept of "Permission to Offend," take one small, bold step towards breaking free from an area where you've been holding back. Luna's book also includes actionable steps and workbooks that allow you to dive deeper into the teachings.

To complement your reading, I recommend checking out "Radical Confidence" by Lisa Bayou. This book brilliantly complements Luna's teachings and will further enhance your journey towards living authentically.

In conclusion, "Permission to Offend" by Rachel Luna is a transformative book that challenges us to break free from societal expectations and embrace our authenticity. Luna's teachings align perfectly with the bold goal crusher mindset, encouraging us to smash through limitations and go after what we truly want.

I highly encourage you to grab a copy of "Permission to Offend" and start your journey towards living your truth, your freedom, and abundance. Let's crush our goals and everything that gets in our way.

Thank you for tuning into the bold goal crusher podcast, where we continue to support our community in crushing their goals. I look forward to seeing you crush your goals this year.

Remember, it's time to give yourself permission to offend and live your authentic life!


Stay bold,

Sara Mayer




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