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Ep 167. Living Your Best Life: Discovering Your Path to Fulfillment with Guest Susy Giddy

bold goal crusher podcast business owner podcast Aug 03, 2023

Susy Giddy, is a Life Coach, that helps clients from all over the world Start Living the lives they want. Including More Energy, More time, More Money, More Joy. 


In this episode, we delve into the transformative world of life coaching with our guest, Suzy Giddy. Suzy is a seasoned life coach who empowers individuals to start living the lives they truly desire. She shares her journey of transitioning from owning an indoor tennis club to becoming a life coach, how she helps her clients break free from limiting beliefs, and the power of identifying and overcoming numbing behaviors. 


Episode Highlights: 

  1. Suzy's Journey to Becoming a Life Coach 
    • Suzy recounts her transition from owning an indoor tennis club to embracing a new dream of moving to the Dominican Republic with her husband and cats. The pivotal moment that led her to become a life coach and help others start living their best lives.  
  2. The Path to Living Your Desired Life 
    • Suzy explains her unique approach to life coaching and why she doesn't believe in the traditional concept of finding a niche. Instead, she empowers her clients to start living authentically, true to themselves, and not on autopilot. The importance of identifying and challenging underlying belief systems that hold people back from achieving their goals. 
  3. Overcoming Fear and Numbing Behaviors 
    • Suzy discusses how fear and numbing behaviors often hinder progress. She introduces the thought model, a powerful tool used to identify thought patterns that drive feelings, actions, and results. Suzy shares examples of clients using numbing behaviors and how coaching helps them understand their motivations and make empowering choices.  
  4. Redefining Success and Creating Meaningful Memories 
    • Suzy shares a heartwarming example of a client who transformed her holiday traditions, embracing a joyful and meaningful approach. The client's journey from overspending on material gifts to creating lasting memories and laughter through a dollar store tradition. 





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