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Ep 173. Book Series: Unleashing Grit: Insights from Angela Duckworth's Book Grit

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Aug 24, 2023


Introducing the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast and its mission to provide actionable insights for achieving your goals.

Highlighting the focus of this episode: a deep dive into key concepts from Angela Duckworth's book "Grit."

Segment 1: Meet Angela Duckworth and Understanding Grit

Get to know Angela Duckworth, her background as a psychologist, and her research.

Understanding the core concept of "grit" - the combination of passion and perseverance in reaching long-term goals.

Exploring how grit challenges traditional notions of talent and intelligence.

Segment 2: The Two Components of Grit

Diving into the dual components of grit: the role of passion and perseverance in achieving success.

Unpacking Duckworth's perspective on passion as more than just interest, but sustained enthusiasm.

Exploring the idea of perseverance as the unwavering commitment to long-term objectives.

Segment 3: Cultivating Passion

Discussing strategies to uncover and nurture your passion across different areas of life.

Real-life examples illustrating individuals who've leveraged their passions to accomplish extraordinary feats.

Emphasizing the crucial link between aligned passions and sustained motivation.

Segment 4: Developing Perseverance

Exploring the importance of cultivating a growth mindset in building perseverance.

Practical techniques for overcoming setbacks and adversity during the pursuit of goals.

Inspiring stories of individuals who've demonstrated exceptional perseverance amid challenges.

Segment 5: Grit in Education and Parenting

Discussing the implications of grit within the educational landscape for both students and educators.

Exploring how parents and mentors can foster grit in children while maintaining a healthy balance.

Offering actionable tips for creating environments conducive to developing grit in young individuals.

Segment 6: Grit in Practice: Personal and Professional Development

Sharing strategies for applying grit principles to personal and professional growth.

Delving into the concept of deliberate practice and its role in skill enhancement.

Providing practical steps listeners can take to incorporate grit into their pursuit of goals.

Segment 7: Criticisms and Controversies

Addressing common criticisms of the grit concept, including concerns about potential drawbacks.

Presenting a well-rounded view by discussing both the limitations and ongoing debates in the field.

Segment 8: Listener Success Stories and Takeaways

Encouraging listeners to share their personal stories of grit and goal achievement.

Showcasing a selection of listener-submitted success stories showcasing the power of grit.

Summarizing the key insights from Angela Duckworth's book and this episode's discussions.


Emphasizing the significance of integrating grit as a valuable tool for lasting success and fulfillment.

Encouraging listeners to explore Angela Duckworth's book "Grit" for a deeper dive into the subject.

Offering a glimpse of the upcoming episode and inviting listeners to subscribe for more valuable content.


Expressing gratitude to the audience for tuning in to the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast.




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