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Ep 175. Boosting Confidence through Dance Fitness and Embracing Challenges with Guest Mariana Santos

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Aug 31, 2023


In this exciting episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Mariana Santos, co-founder and CEO of Brasili Fitness. Mariana's journey from moving to Brazil as a teenager to becoming a passionate dance fitness instructor and entrepreneur is an inspiring story. Join us as Mariana shares her experiences and how she helps others embrace their dreams and boost their confidence through the magic of music, dance, fitness, and lifestyle. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Mariana's introduction to the Brazilian approach to dance fitness and lifestyle during her teenage years in Brazil. 
  • How dance and fitness helped Mariana break out of her shell and build her career in the fitness industry. 
  • Mariana's return to Brazil as an adult, where she deepened her love for dance and fitness. 
  • The birth of Brasili Fitness and the company's mission to share the Brazilian dance fitness experience with the world. 
  • The importance of doing hard things to boost confidence and overcome challenges in life. 
  • Creating a welcoming and safe space for dance fitness participants to grow and progress. 
  • The value of individualized support and attention for participants to feel connected and encouraged. 
  • Mariana's strategy for instructors' development and continuous learning through a monthly membership program. 
  • Empowering leaders to empathize with beginners and embrace challenges for personal growth and fulfillment. 


Embrace the power of dance and fitness to build confidence, overcome challenges, and lead a more fulfilling life. Mariana Santos's passion for dance and her commitment to helping others is a true inspiration. Take the first step in your journey to boost confidence and discover the joy of dance fitness with Brasili Fitness. Remember, bold goal crushers, you can crush your goals by embracing challenges and believing in yourself. 


Mariana Santos was introduced to the Brazilian approach to dance, fitness & lifestyle when she moved to Brazil as a teenager. This experience propelled her to a career in fitness as a Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor for the past 19 years. She is the co-founder and CEO of Brazily Fitness, which aims to help fitness instructors advance their careers and transform more lives from the inside out through the magic of Brazilian music, dance, fitness & lifestyle.  


Connect with Mariana:

Instagram @brazilyfitness  

Facebook @Brazily Fitness 

Linkedin Brazily Fitness Inc.




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