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Ep 176. Who's in Control? You or your Work?

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Sep 04, 2023


  • Warm welcome to the "Bold Goal Crusher" podcast. 
  • Introduction to the episode's focus: achieving work-life balance while pursuing ambitious goals. 
  • Highlighting the significance of maintaining control over your work-life equilibrium. 

Segment 1: Recognizing the Imbalance: 

  • Identifying the telltale signs of work dominating your life. 
    • Persistent connectivity: Addressing work matters beyond office hours. 
    • Struggling to unplug: Incessant compulsion to engage in work during personal time.
    • Health consequences: Analyzing stress, burnout, and their impact on well-being. 
    • Sacrificing personal interests: Neglecting hobbies, relationships, and self-care. 

Segment 2: Regaining the Reins: 

  • Unveiling effective strategies for reclaiming control over your work-life equilibrium. 
    • Boundary establishment: Clearly defining work hours and personal time.
    • Priority management: Efficiently sorting tasks and embracing delegation. 
    • Time mastery techniques: Implementing the Pomodoro method, time blocking, and task batching.
    • Digital detoxification: Periodically disconnecting from screens and work-tech. 

Segment 3: Employers and Culture's Role: 

  • Analyzing how employers and organizational culture shape work-life balance. 
  • Embracing flexibility: Delving into remote work's impact, flexible hours, and compressed schedules. 
  • Cultural influence: Examining how company values mold employees' perception of balance. 

Segment 4: Tech's Dual Nature in Work-Life Integration: 

  • Scrutinizing technology's role in balancing work and personal life. 
  • Tech's advantages: Exploring how it enables remote work, collaboration, and adaptability. 
  • Dark side of tech: Addressing boundary blur due to incessant notifications and connectivity. 

Segment 5: Listener Engagement and Stories: 

  • Responding to listener queries and anecdotes about their journey with work-life balance. 
  • Tailored guidance: Providing solutions for specific listener situations. 

Episode Conclusion: 

  • Recap of vital insights shared in the episode. 
  • Encouragement for listeners to assess their work-life balance and initiate positive changes. 
  • Pointers to additional resources for holistic growth. 

Final Thoughts: 

  • The host's thoughtful sign-off, reinforcing the significance of equilibrium in pursuing bold goals. 
  • Invitation for listeners to subscribe, share their own stories, and offer feedback. 



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