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Ep 178. Design your own Life Rhythm

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Sep 11, 2023


  • Sara Mayer welcomes the Bold Goal Crushers. 
  • Discusses the importance of focusing on monthly rhythms. 
  • Acknowledges how neglecting monthly rhythms can affect long-term goals. 
  • Highlights the impact of intentional weekly and monthly rhythms on productivity. 

Monthly Rhythms: 

  • Emphasizes the significance of creating monthly rhythms alongside daily habits. 
  • Compares corporate rhythms to personal rhythms. 
  • Stresses the value of intentional rhythms for achieving work-life balance. 
  • Encourages listeners to assess their daily, weekly, and monthly rhythms. 

Yearly Rhythms: 

  • Advises entrepreneurs and individuals to consider yearly rhythms. 
  • Suggests creating rhythms for holidays, vacations, and goal setting. 
  • Encourages a strategic approach to yearly rhythms aligned with personal goals. 
  • Recommends using tools like Excel or task management software for tracking. 

Monthly Rhythms (Continued): 

  • Sara delves into her personal monthly rhythm as an entrepreneur. 
  • Discusses the importance of setting monthly content creation goals. 
  • Encourages flexibility within the monthly rhythm. 
  • Shares her experience with initial struggles in managing rhythms as an entrepreneur. 

Weekly Rhythms: 

  • Sara explains how monthly rhythms can be broken down into weekly goals. 
  • Highlights her weekly content creation schedule as an example. 
  • Emphasizes the importance of designing a weekly rhythm that suits personal needs. 
  • Reminds listeners that flexibility is key to maintaining weekly rhythms. 

Daily Rhythms: 

  • Sara reveals her daily rhythm, aiming to complete two to three significant tasks. 
  • Emphasizes the importance of a daily focus on goal-oriented activities. 
  • Advocates for a balanced approach that allows for flexibility. 
  • Shares a personal example of a spontaneous event fitting within her daily rhythm. 

Weekly Rhythms (Continued): 

  • Provides examples of activities that can be part of a weekly rhythm. 
  • Encourages listeners to choose activities that align with their goals. 
  • Stresses the freedom and effectiveness of designing one's rhythm. 


  • Sara urges listeners to reflect on their natural rhythms and desired rhythms. 
  • Encourages the creation of intentional rhythms at yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily levels. 
  • Reminds listeners that intentional rhythms lead to better control of life and goal achievement. 


  • Sara thanks the Bold Goal Crushers for tuning in. 
  • Invites listeners to join the community in crushing their goals. 
  • Expresses excitement about witnessing their goal-crushing journey. 

Thank you for listening to the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast. Remember, you don't have to work double time to achieve boldly. It's time to crush your goals and everything that gets in the way. Get to it!


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