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Ep 179. A Year of Focus Equals Big Results with Guest Nesha Pai

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Sep 14, 2023


In this exciting episode, we welcome back a repeat guest, Nesha, a first-generation Indian American from the South. Her life has been filled with challenges, including facing racism, sexism, and mental health struggles while navigating marriage, divorce, and single motherhood. However, she transformed these obstacles into opportunities, and we explore her inspiring journey in this conversation. 

Episode Highlights: 

Nesha's journey started when she left her job after a boss denied her a raise due to a perceived "mom gap" in her resume. Determined to create a better life, she started her accounting firm in 2011, empowering women through hiring and supporting stay-at-home moms with unique virtual office structures. 

With a mission to educate small business owners on financial literacy, Nesha created a digital course. After six months of hard work and support from a mentor, she successfully launched the course, generating $7,000 in revenue during the first launch. 

Nesha's passion for flexibility and a digital nomad lifestyle led her to test her capabilities with a one-month solo trip to Paris. This adventure proved to her that she could work from anywhere, and she's planning a three-month stay in Paris in the future. 

While Nesha has had tremendous success with her business, it took 12 years to reach where she is today. Her journey started with just one client, but she persisted, growing her client base and living out her dreams step by step. 


Nesha's story serves as an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. Her journey exemplifies the power of focus, consistency, and resilience. From starting with one client to building a thriving business, she has overcome challenges and embraced opportunities. Now, she is determined to become a global speaker and share her experiences and expertise with audiences worldwide. This episode serves as a reminder that success takes time and effort, but with passion and dedication, anyone can achieve their dreams. 


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