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Ep 180. It's Time for Personal Yearly Reviews

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Sep 18, 2023

Episode Highlights:

  1. Recap of Previous Episode
    • Previous episode: Creating Yearly, Monthly, Quarterly, Weekly, and Daily Rhythms. 
    • Importance of a yearly review in personal goal setting. 
    • Encouragement to review the last episode for context. 
  2. Why Conduct a Yearly Review 
    • The importance of reflecting on your achievements and progress. 
    • Benefits of self-improvement, informed decision-making, and progress tracking. 
    • Celebrating big wins and making positive changes. 
  3. Setting Your Goals 
    • Encouragement to define your goals and dreams. 
    • Emphasizing that goals don't need to conform to a specific format. 
    • Making goals bigger and more ambitious when possible. 
  4. Measurement and Tracking 
    • Emphasizing the need for quantifiable measurements tied to your goals. 
    • Examples of measurable activities for sales and book writing. 
    • Tracking progress on your goals throughout the year. 
  5. Creating Your Performance Review Document 
    • The importance of capturing data and information regularly. 
    • Suggestions for tools: digital document, notebook, or Excel spreadsheet. 
    • Setting a rhythm for measurement (e.g., monthly, quarterly) and recording progress. 
  6. Quarterly or Yearly Review 
    • Preparing for a review by gathering relevant materials. 
    • Reflecting on your achievements and celebrating big wins. 
    • Acknowledging setbacks and challenges with a growth mindset. 
    • Asking yourself what can be done differently and who can offer guidance. 
  7. Creating an Action Plan 
    • Identifying areas for improvement and necessary steps. 
    • Developing a personal development plan to bridge skill gaps. 
    • Incorporating objectives into your calendar for planned progress. 
  8. Accountability 
    • Recognizing that accountability measures vary for individuals. 
    • Suggesting options like accountability groups, phone reminders, or social accountability. 
  9. Celebrating Progress 
    • Highlighting the psychological benefits of celebrating milestones. 
    • Encouragement to show compassion and practice self-care. 
    • Emphasizing the importance of celebrating even small achievements. 


  • Sarah Mayer encourages listeners to implement the process of yearly review. 
  • Reinforces the benefits of tracking progress over time. 
  • Looks forward to seeing listeners' yearly reviews and progress on their bold goals. 


  • Thanking the audience for tuning in and supporting the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast. 
  • Wishing listeners success in crushing their goals and overcoming obstacles. 

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