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Ep 181. Book Series: Review of She Builds by Jadah Sellner

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Sep 21, 2023


  • Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, where we help you stop life from getting in the way of your dreams and start crushing bold goals. 
  • Hosted by Sara Mayer, ready to embark on this journey with you. 


Discussion on "She Builds" by Jada Sellner: 

  • Introduction to the book "She Builds" by Jada Sellner. 
  • Announcement of the monthly live Zoom book club meetings at 
  • The book is the "Anti Hustle Guide to Growing Your Business and Nourishing Your Life." 
  • Emphasis on the importance of rejecting hustle culture. 
  • The book is particularly relevant during the holiday season and the start of a new year when people focus on their goals. 


Understanding Hustle Culture: 

  • Definition of hustle culture, its prevalence in workplaces, and its emphasis on hard work and long hours. 
  • Mention of prominent figures like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk who advocate for hustle. 
  • Sara's perspective on how hustle doesn't work for anyone, regardless of gender. 
  • Importance of simplifying life and architecting your future to avoid burnout. 


Integrated Life and Seasons: 

  • The concept of an integrated life, balancing health, wealth, and relationships. 
  • Ability to shift priorities according to different seasons in life. 
  • Introduction to the "enough number" as a financial target to support your desired lifestyle. 
  • Illustration of how to create your future vision by asking specific questions about how you want to feel, what experiences you enjoy, what you want to learn, and how you want to serve. 
  • Structured format for articulating your future vision: Home life, wellness, relationships, work, and contribution. 


Building Your Life: 

  • The importance of creating your future vision and assembling your support squad. 
  • Exploring optimization: Reclaiming time and energy, building your dream team, and streamlining your business. 
  • Techniques for managing time, including weekly timelogs and energy audits. 
  • Embracing the idea of "bodyguard emails" to protect your schedule. 
  • Suggestions for out-of-office replies and creating a "now" page on your website to keep others informed. 


Designing Your Dream Team: 

  • Overview of the five S's of sustainable growth: Share, sell, serve, systemize, and sustain. 
  • The importance of job descriptions and mapping out customer journeys. 
  • Adapting your workflow to different days and themes to maximize productivity. 
  • The value of flexibility, such as "free flow Fridays," for creative individuals. 
  • Recognizing the importance of personal habits and consistency. 


Quarterly Planning: 

  • The quarterly planning process, applicable to personal, work, or business life. 
  • Steps to quarterly planning: Setting intention, celebrating wins, filling your dream bank, determining your capacity, and choosing your VIPs (Very Important Projects). 
  • Using a circle diagram to represent each quarter of the year. 
  • The cyclical nature of planning, reviewing, reflecting, and realigning. 


Expanding Your Roots: 

  • Embracing your pace and making conscious decisions: pause, push, or pivot. 
  • The importance of flexibility and adaptation. 
  • Acknowledging that you may be lost and unlost multiple times on your journey. 
  • The power of celebrating progress and learning from setbacks. 
  • The expansion process is about deepening your roots for long-term growth. 



  • The podcast concludes with a short poem celebrating builders and visionaries. 
  • Encouragement to build the life, business, career, and family of your dreams. 
  • A call to action for bold goal crushers to trust in themselves and their ability to overcome obstacles. 




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