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Ep 184. Stop Comparing your Chapter 1 to their Chapter 36

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 02, 2023

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Episode Content: 

  • Sara introduces the topic of comparison in personal and professional life. 
  • Discusses how comparing ourselves to others can hinder personal growth and creativity. 
  • The impact of social media on increasing comparison in today's society. 
  • The concept of noticing things more due to the law of attraction. 
  • Sara emphasizes the importance of staying focused on one's own journey. 
  • Shares her personal experience of comparing herself to a successful guru. 
  • The idea of comparing your "chapter one" to someone else's "chapter 36." 
  • Emphasizes the normality of self-doubt and the imposter syndrome. 
  • The importance of self-awareness in overcoming the comparison mindset. 
  • Suggests setting personal or professional development goals based on what others do well. 
  • Advocates self-compassion and embracing the learning journey. 
  • Encourages acknowledging personal growth by looking back at one's progress. 
  • Creating a development plan to improve skills in areas of comparison. 
  • The value of authenticity and embracing one's unique journey. 
  • Mention of clients benefiting from individualized support, coaching, and accountability groups. 
  • The idea that most things we create are iterations of existing concepts. 
  • Sara's closing thoughts on the importance of not comparing oneself to others. 


  • Sara promotes her podcast's YouTube channel for video versions. 
  • Encourages viewers/listeners to subscribe and leave reviews. 
  • Sara's closing message to Bold Goal Crushers to keep working toward their goals. 


  • Thank you for listening to The Bold Goal Crusher Podcast. 
  • Sara Mayer looks forward to supporting the community in achieving their goals. 



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