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Ep 185. The lessons are in the failures with guest Prof Shauli Mukherjee

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 05, 2023


  • Sara introduces the episode and the guest, Prof.(Dr) Shauli Mukherjee, as a passionate global thought leader with extensive experience in education. 
  • Highlights the guest's numerous accolades and achievements in the education industry, including being listed among the top women leaders and achievers in India. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • The host and guest discuss their backgrounds in education, sharing their experiences in the field, and how they both believe in the power of education to shape young minds. 
  • The guest emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for children to ask questions and be curious, fostering a growth mindset both in educators and parents. 
  • They discuss the significance of embracing a growth mindset, which believes in continuous improvement and sees challenges as opportunities for growth. 
  • The guest shares the importance of using the word "yet" when facing challenges or setbacks, as it signifies the possibility of future growth and learning. 
  • They delve into the power of thoughts and mindset in shaping our responses to situations, encouraging a shift from scarcity-oriented thoughts to gratitude and empathy. 
  • The guest highlights that taking things personally can harm relationships, and instead, they advocate for taking a compassionate stand and understanding others' perspectives. 
  • They discuss the importance of learning and growing as individuals, with the guest emphasizing that true courage comes from overcoming the voices of self-doubt and not feeling good enough. 
  • Both the host and guest agree that courage and growth mindset are like muscles that need continuous practice and nurturing. 


  • The host wraps up the episode, thanking the guest for sharing their insights and wisdom on education, growth mindset, and courage. 
  • Encourages listeners to adopt a growth mindset, embrace challenges as opportunities, and work on building their courage to achieve their bold goals. 



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