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Ep 186. How to Fund Your Dreams

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 09, 2023

Episode Highlights: 

  1. Introduction to the Importance of Funding Dreams 
    • Many dreams and bold goals require financial resources, and the lack of funds can be a major barrier to getting started.  
  2. Ways to Fund Your Dreams: 
    • Winning the Lottery: While possible, it's an unlikely way to fund your dreams. 
    • Personal Savings: Using your own savings to start a business, though it comes with personal financial risk. 
    • Bootstrapping: Funding your business with minimal outside capital by being frugal and reinvesting profits. 
    • Friends and Family: Turning to friends and family for initial capital, with clear agreements and expectations. 
    • Angel Investors: Individuals who provide capital to startups in exchange for equity or convertible debt.
    • Venture Capital: Suitable for high-growth, scalable business models in exchange for equity. 
    • Crowdfunding: Utilizing platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe to raise funds from the public. 
    • Small Business Loans: Applying for loans from banks or online lenders designed for small businesses. 
    • Grants and Competitions: Opportunities from government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations. 
    • Business Incubators and Accelerators: Programs offering funding, resources, networking, and mentorship. 
    • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with established companies for capital, resources, or distribution. 
    • Initial Public Offering (IPO): Selling shares to the public for mature companies with substantial growth. 
    • Revenue Financing: Sharing a percentage of future revenue in exchange for capital. 
    • Convertible Notes: Raising capital through loans that convert into equity at a specified date. 
    • Business Grants: Exploring government grants, particularly for research, development, or innovation. 
    • Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorship: Securing funding through alignment with corporate goals or values.  
  3. Choosing the Right Funding Source:
    • Selecting the appropriate funding source depends on your business model, goals, and financial needs. 
    • Consider consulting with a financial advisor or mentor for guidance.  
  4. Encouragement to Start Small:
    • The importance of starting small and gradually expanding as your business generates revenue. 
  5. The Role of Money in Achieving Goals: 
    • Acknowledging that a lack of funds can often be a significant obstacle to goal achievement. 


  • Encouragement to crush your goals and overcome obstacles to achieving them. 


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