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Ep 188. Have you considered 2 Side Hustles?

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 16, 2023

Episode Highlights 

  • Sara addresses listener feedback from the previous solo episode regarding funding dreams and starting a business. 
  • Many people hesitate to leave their 9-to-5 jobs due to concerns about security, income, and benefits. 
  • Sara reassures listeners that health insurance and retirement savings are manageable when profitable. 
  • Focus shifts to the security provided by a steady paycheck, which fulfills basic needs. 

Exploring Side Hustles 

  • Sara suggests considering two side hustles to gradually transition from a full-time job to pursuing a dream. 
  • Strategies for reducing full-time job hours while increasing side hustle focus: 
    1. Becoming more efficient at work by streamlining tasks and not taking on additional projects.
    2. Negotiating reduced work hours, such as a four-day workweek or switching to part-time. 
    3. Seeking part-time positions within the current company. 
  • Emphasis on maintaining professionalism at the current job while shifting focus toward the dream. 
  • Sara shares personal experiences of starting a business while working part-time. 
  • Options for additional income sources, including freelancing on platforms like Upwork and offering services on LinkedIn. 
  • Teaching skills online as an instructor at universities or platforms. 
  • Introducing gig economy apps like Quick, Uber Eats, Uber, and Instacart as ways to earn extra income. 
  • The importance of finding your financial "number" to cover basic needs and fund your dream. 
  • Sara advises against letting newfound free time go to waste and emphasizes the need to balance time effectively. 

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  • Sara shares links to the various income-generating opportunities discussed. 
  • Encouragement for listeners to pursue their dreams and manage their time effectively. 
  • The importance of not overworking and finding balance while working toward bold goals. 
  • Closing remarks and encouragement to crush goals and overcome obstacles in the pursuit of dreams. 


  • Podcast outro with Sara Mayer expressing her support for the community and looking forward to seeing listeners achieve their goals. 



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