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Ep 189. Book Club: The Happy Inbox by Maura Thomas

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 19, 2023


  • Today's episode is a book club review of "The Happy Inbox" by Maura Neville Thomas, a part of the Ignite Reads series. 
  • The book emphasizes the significance of effective email management in achieving productivity and reducing overwhelm. 
  • Email is not merely a to-do list but a communication tool that requires specific strategies to handle efficiently. 

Key Takeaways from "The Happy Inbox": 

  1. Understanding the Challenges of Email: 
    • Email overload leads to a constant state of overwhelm and reactive behavior, hindering proactive productivity. 
    • Email inundation can lead to a loss of control and even anxiety. 
  2. Categorizing Incoming Email: 
    • Categories include spam, unwanted robo mail, wanted robo mail, and actionable work emails. 
    • Managing each category effectively can significantly reduce the volume of email traffic. 
  3. Strategies for Email Management: 
    • Implementing the TEST process (Take immediate action, Empower others and yourself, Suspend for later, Trash) to handle each email efficiently. 
    • Applying the Ohio principle (Only Handle It Once) to minimize time spent on reviewing and processing emails. 
  4. Declaring Email Bankruptcy: 
    • Tips for declaring bankruptcy include filtering emails by date, archiving or moving older emails to separate folders, and focusing on recent correspondence. 
  5. Other Tips and Best Practices: 
    • Avoiding the habit of marking emails requiring action as unread or leaving the email open and visible constantly. 
    • Addressing issues of "thread jumping" by adjusting the subject line when switching topics within an email thread. 


  • Reminding listeners to prioritize effective email management and providing resources for further guidance. 
  • Encouraging audiences to join the Bold Goal Crusher Book Club and participate in live sessions for more insights. 


  • Encouraging listeners to crush their goals and improve productivity, ending with the signature sign-off, "Let's get to it." 


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