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Ep 190. Is It Time To Hire A Coach Or Consultant?

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 23, 2023


  • Host: Sara Mayer 
  • Introduction to the episode's theme and the importance of seeking guidance to achieve goals efficiently. 
  • Encouragement to the audience to embark on the journey of goal achievement with the right support. 

Main Content 

  • Discussion on the distinction between a coach and a consultant and the specific roles they play in the pursuit of goals. 
  • Differentiation based on purpose, approach, relationship dynamics, expertise, and expected outcomes. 
  • Clarification that coaches focus on personal and professional development, utilizing a client-centered approach, while consultants offer expertise and advice for project-specific goals with shorter-term engagements. 

Key Points 

  1. Purpose and Focus: 
    • Coaches: Facilitate personal or professional growth and skill enhancement. 
    • Consultants: Provide expert advice and solutions for specific challenges or outcomes. 
  2. Approach: 
    • Coaches: Utilize a client-centered and questioning approach to help clients discover their insights and solutions. 
    • Consultants: Employ a more direct approach, including problem diagnosis and data analysis, to provide specific recommendations or solutions. 
  3. Relationship Dynamics: 
    • Coaches: Build collaborative, long-term relationships focusing on self-awareness and behavior change. 
    • Consultants: Often have short-term or project-specific relationships, focusing on delivering tangible outcomes and specific deliverables. 
  4. Expertise: 
    • Coaches: Experts in the coaching process, helping clients unlock their potential and overcome obstacles. 
    • Consultants: Subject matter experts providing specialized knowledge and skills relevant to the specific domain or industry. 
  5. Expected Outcomes: 
    • Coaches: Focus on personal or professional growth, enhanced skills, and goal achievement, empowering clients to become more effective and self-sufficient. 
    • Consultants: Aim at delivering specific solutions or results related to the client's problem or project, with an emphasis on tangible outcomes and deliverables. 


  • Encouragement to the audience to carefully consider their specific needs and goals in their pursuit of business or personal objectives. 
  • Encouragement to seek the right support, whether it's a coach for personal development or a consultant for project-specific solutions. 
  • Reminder that having the right guidance can keep goals alive and thriving. 


  • Reiteration of the podcast's mission to support the community in achieving their goals efficiently and effectively. 
  • Encouragement to the audience to crush their goals and overcome obstacles, minimizing the need to work excessively hard. 

Host's Closing Remarks 

  • Appreciation for the listeners' support and engagement. 
  • Invitation for the audience to stay tuned for upcoming episodes. 


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