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Ep 191. Procrastination is an Indicator with guest Jevon Wooden

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Oct 26, 2023

Guest Introduction: 

  • Guest: Jevon Wooden 
  • Background: Dynamic business growth strategist, coach, speaker, author, and podcast host 
  • Bronze Star recipient 
  • Passion for leadership, business strategy, effective communication, marketing, and technology 
  • Featured in top publications: Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Founder, Forbes, and Verizon 


Discussion Highlights: 

  1. Jevon's Military Background 
    • Jevon's experience as a Bronze Star recipient in Afghanistan 
    • His journey from the military to entrepreneurship 
  1. Getting Started in Entrepreneurship 
    • How Jevon began his journey into business coaching while deployed in Afghanistan 
    • The synergy between personal development and business growth 
  1. Overcoming Procrastination 
    • Identifying the root causes of procrastination 
    • Recognizing patterns and feelings associated with procrastination 
    • Techniques to break the cycle of procrastination, including setting clear goals, using calendars, and using technology to stay focused 
  1. Fear of Success 
    • Discussing the fear of success and its impact on goal pursuit 
    • Identifying intrinsic and extrinsic motivations 
    • The importance of setting milestones and planning for success 
  1. Maintaining Focus on Goals 
    • Strategies for staying on track with goals 
    • Importance of finding a support system and accountability partners 
    • Aligning daily actions with major goals 
    • Recognizing the value of time management and setting boundaries 
  1. Exploring New Passions and Goals 
    • Encouraging listeners to explore their passions 
    • Using the Japanese principle of "finding your reason for being" 
    • Embracing curiosity and experimenting with different interests 
  1. Embracing Change and Labels 
    • The importance of embracing change and evolving 
    • Avoiding labels and defining oneself by values and beliefs 
    • Exploring different career paths and life journeys 
  1. Connecting with Jevon 


  • Encouragement for listeners to take action, pursue their goals, and connect with Jevon 
  • Sara's appreciation for having Jevon as a guest on the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast  


Jevon Wooden is a dynamic business growth strategist, coach, speaker, author, podcast host, and Bronze Star Recipient who is passionate about leadership, business strategy, effective communication, marketing, technology, and helping motivated individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Wooden's remarkable business and personal growth ideas have been featured in top publications such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Foundr, Forbes, and Verizon. Whether you are looking to scale your business, build your brand, or navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, Wooden is here to provide the support, insight, and expertise you need to achieve your dreams. 


Connect with Jevon:




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