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Ep 196 What is your mental load?

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Nov 12, 2023

In this episode of the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, host Sara Mayer discusses the concept of 'mental load', referring to the cognitive burden associated with managing, coordinating, and organizing tasks in various aspects of life. She explains how this often invisible and overlooked load can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and burnout. The episode delves into how mental load affects both home and work environments, but often disproportionately impacts women. Sara suggests strategies such as open communication, detailing responsibilities, utilizing organizational systems and routines, and self-care as effective ways to manage and distribute the mental load more equally. A resource tool like Asana is recommended for project management. The emphasis is on raising awareness about mental load and finding ways to streamline tasks without adding mental stress.


00:00 Introduction to the Podcast 

00:28 Understanding the Concept of Mental Load 

01:58 Mental Load in Different Environments 

02:29 Examples of Mental Load in Everyday Life 

04:13 Gender Differences in Mental Load 

06:10 Emotional Consequences of Mental Load 

06:51 Strategies to Manage Mental Load 

09:13 Reducing Mental Load through Organization and Technology 

11:07 Importance of Self-Care and Boundaries in Managing Mental Load 

12:02 Conclusion and Reflection on Mental Load 

13:15 Using Asana for Task Management 

13:58 Closing Remarks and Encouragement 


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