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Ep 197. Save Time in Your Business by Creating Systems & Automations with guest Natalie Guzman

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Nov 16, 2023

Sara Mayer and her guest Natalie Guzman covered a range of insightful topics in this episode of the Bold Goal Crusher podcast. Natalie's journey from facing a challenging work environment to building a successful business was truly inspiring. Here's a summary of the key points discussed: 

  1. Natalie's Story: Natalie's resilience and determination were highlighted, with a focus on her decision to start her own virtual assistant business after facing challenges at her previous job, which demanded she return to work only two days after giving birth. 
  2. Nadora: Natalie's current venture, Nadora, a software company, was introduced, emphasizing its role in helping businesses create websites, emails, and automations in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. 
  3. Business Streamlining: Natalie shared insights into the importance of streamlining business operations, emphasizing the significance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the use of automation tools to enhance productivity and efficiency. 
  4. Tech Recommendations: Sara and Natalie discussed key tech tools that are essential for entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on the significance of effective funnels and automations to facilitate business growth and success. 
  5. Humanizing Business: Natalie stressed the importance of human interaction in business, suggesting that AI and automation tools should be utilized to support and enhance human efforts, rather than replace them entirely. 
  6. Chat GPT and AI: The discussion on AI and Chat GPT centered on the benefits of using AI for brainstorming and generating ideas, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining a human touch and authenticity in business communications. 
  7. Client Interaction: Sara and Natalie emphasized the value of nurturing client relationships through effective communication and regular check-ins, underscoring the importance of making clients feel valued and part of a supportive community. 
  8. Networking: The conversation highlighted the significance of networking and seeking support from other entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights and perspectives in the business world. 

Listeners were encouraged to connect with Natalie Guzman on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to access valuable tips and insights for entrepreneurs. Natalie's practical advice and emphasis on humanizing business processes served as key takeaways from the episode. 



Connect with Natalie:

Instagram @itsnatalieguzman

Facebook Natalie Guzman

Linkedin Natalie Guzman



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