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Ep 198. Are You a Good Student?

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Nov 19, 2023

Becoming A Good Student: Characteristics, Challenges, and Strategies


In this episode of the Bold Goal Crusher podcast, host Sara Mayer discusses the importance of being a good student in personal development and career achievement. She elaborates on factors that define a good student, including active listening, discipline, time management and implementation. She also emphasizes the need for a combination of learning and doing, rather than just consuming information. Mayer shares strategies to enhance learning, such as maintaining separate notebooks for different topics and implementing effective note taking methods. Furthermore, she discusses potential setbacks and the importance of setting realistic goals and following course sequences logically. She ends with a call to action for listeners to assess their own qualities as students before committing to a new course.


00:00 Introduction to the Podcast

00:31 Are You a Good Student?

01:13 Characteristics of a Good Student

01:29 The Importance of Implementation

02:06 Balancing Learning and Doing

03:12 Strategies for Successful Learning

05:59 Organizing Your Learning Material

06:40 Overcoming Learning Roadblocks

07:56 Are You Really a Good Student?

08:18 Choosing the Right Course or Program

08:50 Conclusion: Crush Your Goals




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