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Ep 200. Celebrating 200 Episodes of the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Nov 27, 2023


In this landmark 200th episode of the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, we embark on a journey through the past 100 episodes, reflecting on the dynamic strategies, compelling stories, and transformative experiences that have shaped our understanding of achieving bold goals. 

Key Highlights from the Last 100 Episodes 

  • Celebrating the milestone of 100 episodes, emphasizing the importance of persistence and determination in the pursuit of ambitious goals. 
  • Exploring the significance of addressing chronic burnout and initiating significant changes for personal and professional growth. 
  • Gaining valuable insights on setting a robust financial foundation for business success, featuring a captivating conversation with financial expert Nesha Pai. 
  • Engaging in introspective year-end reflections, understanding the vital role of self-assessment in the pursuit of bold ambitions. 

Panel Discussion: Strategies for Achieving Bold Goals 

  • Delving into the enlightening discussions from the book series "Outwitting the Devil" with Kenyatta Turner, emphasizing the power of resilience and determination in the face of challenges. 
  • Unveiling the secrets to building wealth through real estate investments with guest speaker Sheena Braulick, providing valuable insights for listeners to explore new avenues of financial growth. 
  • Challenging the conventional approach to goal setting and encouraging listeners to adopt innovative and effective strategies for achieving their aspirations. 
  • Empowering entrepreneurs to craft an irresistible brand identity with marketing expert Katie Soyka, unveiling the importance of differentiation and authenticity in a competitive market. 
  • Embracing the mindset of stepping into the impossible with Coach Farah, encouraging individuals to push their boundaries and surpass their perceived limitations. 

Live Case Study: A Bold Goal Achiever's Journey 

  • Showcasing the inspirational journey of manifesting dreams into reality with guest Mandy Nicholson, illustrating the power of determination and visualization in achieving ambitious life goals. 
  • Exploring the transformative impact of embracing a minimalist lifestyle and focusing on essential tasks for holistic well-being with guest Carmen Ohling. 
  • Unveiling the potential of unlocking untapped resources through the innovative therapy of hypno-breathwork with guest Corene Phelps, emphasizing the significance of holistic healing for overall personal development. 

Interactive Q&A Session with Attendees 

Engaging in an interactive session with the live audience, addressing specific inquiries and concerns related to goal-setting and personal development. 

Closing Thoughts and Insights 

  • Encouraging listeners to prioritize personal boundaries and focus on self-care for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Emphasizing the importance of embracing failures as valuable learning experiences and opportunities for growth. 
  • Nurturing a passion for the process and journey rather than solely focusing on the end results, fostering a mindset of continuous learning and development. 
  • Extending gratitude to the dedicated listeners, guests, and the podcast team for their unwavering support and contributions to the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast. 


These show notes encapsulate the key discussions, insights, and takeaways from the 200th episode of the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, celebrating the remarkable journey of achieving bold aspirations and fostering personal growth. 


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