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Ep 202. The Power of Pause with Guest Salina Johnson

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Nov 29, 2023
  • Introduction:
    • Guest expresses excitement to be on the show.
    • Host and guest discuss the concept of "spinning plates" in life.
  • Journey to Podcasting:
    • Guest shares the story behind starting the "Spinning Plates Podcast."
    • Discussion on managing various responsibilities and priorities in life.
  • Balancing Priorities:
    • Emphasis on recognizing the importance of prioritizing tasks based on the current season of life.
    • The guest shares personal experiences of managing podcasting alongside other commitments.
  • Embracing Growth Mindset:
    • Importance of cultivating a growth mindset and continuous learning.
    • Guest and host discuss the value of curiosity and openness to learning at any age.
  • Adopting an Experimental Mindset:
    • Discussion on the benefits of experimenting and being open to change.
    • Examples shared on implementing new strategies in work and personal life.
  • Dealing with Overwhelm:
    • Introduction to the "Power of Pause" concept.
    • Explanation of the acronym PAUSE (Pause, Agency, Understanding, Shift, Engage, Sustain).
  • Implementing the Power of Pause:
    • Detailed breakdown of each step in the PAUSE process.
    • Emphasis on the significance of taking a breath and assessing the situation before proceeding.
  • Creating Sustainable Practices:
    • Importance of setting up sustainable routines and boundaries.
    • Tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance during the holiday season and beyond.



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