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Ep 203. Are You Using Email Correctly? A Guide to Effective Email Communication

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Dec 04, 2023


Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher Podcast, where we help you stop letting life get in the way and start crushing your bold goals. In this episode, we will dive into the topic of email and discuss whether you are using it correctly. Many people use email as a to-do list and end up feeling overwhelmed. Let's explore a more effective way to use this communication tool. 


The Pitfalls of Using Email as a To-Do List 

Email is designed to be a communication tool, not a to-do list. However, many of us fall into the trap of using our email inbox as a makeshift task manager. This leads to a cluttered inbox and a mental load that weighs us down. Instead of relying on email to track our tasks, we should consider using specialized tools that are designed for task management. 


Exploring Better Alternatives 

One of the alternatives to email for communication is Slack. Slack provides a platform for quick and organized communication through threads. It allows you to separate different conversations and collaborate effectively. Another tool that can help with task management is Asana. Asana allows you to keep track of tasks, communicate about them, and collaborate with others. By moving task-related communication out of email and into specialized tools like Slack and Asana, you can free up your inbox and stay organized. 


Assessing Your Email Usage 

To make the transition from using email as a to-do list to adopting new tools, it is important to assess your current email usage. Take a step back and analyze what types of emails you receive and how much time you spend on them. Identify the key senders and recipients of your emails to determine who needs to be involved in the new communication tools. This assessment will help you understand the volume and nature of your email interactions. 


Making a Plan for Migration 

Once you have assessed your email usage, it's time to create a plan for migration. Consider whether Slack or another communication tool would be a better fit for one-on-one communication. Evaluate the task management capabilities of tools like Asana or Trello. Determine the best tool to track your tasks and decide who needs to be involved in the transition. When working with clients, educate them about the new tool and encourage them to communicate through it for better collaboration and organization. 


Training and Implementation 

Changing from traditional email usage to new tools requires training and implementation. Help your team understand the benefits of the new communication tools and how they can improve productivity. Provide guidance on using the new tools effectively and ensure that everyone understands the importance of reducing reliance on email. Train your team on properly transferring tasks and communication to the new platform to avoid information gaps and improve efficiency. 



Email is a powerful communication tool, but it should not be used as a to-do list. By reassessing your email usage, exploring better alternatives like Slack and Asana, and creating a migration plan, you can transform your email experience and become more productive. Embrace the change, train your team, and unlock the full potential of effective communication. Let's crush our goals and everything that gets in the way! 

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