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Ep 204 Get a GRIP on your goals with guest Kjristen Klein

bold goal crusher podcast goals podcast Dec 06, 2023
  • Host: Welcome to the Bold Goal Crusher podcast. In this episode, we have Kjristen, a serial entrepreneur, volunteer for SCORE, a small business mentorship program, and co-author of "Get a Grip on Goals."
  • Guest: Thank you so much for having me here, Sara.

Discussion about the GRIP System:

  • Host: Kjristen, could you tell us a bit more about the GRIP system and how it aids in goal management?
  • Kjristen: The GRIP system, an acronym for Goals, Requirements, Issues, and Plan, is an iterative goal management process. It helps in identifying what one wants, the necessary requirements, obstacles (issues), and an actionable plan.
  • Host: It sounds like a powerful tool for setting and achieving goals. Can you explain how someone can start with any element of the GRIP system?
  • Kjristen: Absolutely. The GRIP system allows you to begin anywhere in the process, whether it's defining your goals or identifying the issues or obstacles. It's a flexible framework that can adapt to various starting points, ensuring a comprehensive approach to goal achievement.
  • Host: I see how the GRIP system allows for continuous improvement. How can someone revise their goals effectively during this iterative process?
  • Kjristen: Continuous use of the GRIP system is crucial. It helps in refining goals based on the evolving understanding of requirements and obstacles. By addressing issues and adjusting the plan, individuals can align their goals with their evolving aspirations and circumstances.

Factors Affecting Goal Achievement:

  • Host: Kjristen, you mentioned avoidance techniques that hinder goal attainment. Can you elaborate on some common avoidance categories and how to address them?
  • Kjristen: Avoidance techniques often include comparison with others, perceived obstacles, self-judgment, and negative predictions. Identifying these behaviors is crucial in understanding the root cause of avoidance. From there, one can devise strategies to overcome them, thereby increasing the likelihood of goal achievement.

Tailoring Goals to Personal Needs:

  • Host: How can individuals ensure their goals align with their personal values and needs?
  • Kjristen: Considering the six basic human needs, including safety, adventure, belonging, uniqueness, growth, and contribution, is pivotal in goal setting. Goals that fulfill one or more of these needs tend to be more meaningful and motivating. It's essential to strike a balance and ensure that the pursuit of goals contributes positively to one's life.

Incorporating Goals into Daily Life:

  • Host: Balancing personal goals with daily responsibilities can be challenging. How can individuals seamlessly integrate their goals into their routines?
  • Kjristen: Utilizing specific time slots or trigger events, which act as reminders or cues, can help in incorporating goal-oriented activities into daily schedules. Breaking tasks into manageable chunks, such as 20-minute intervals, can ensure consistent progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Overcoming Time Management Challenges:

  • Host: Time management is often a hurdle in pursuing one's goals. How can individuals navigate time constraints and maintain focus?
  • Kjristen: Understanding the triggers of time mismanagement, such as overwhelming workloads or ineffective time utilization, is crucial. Implementing strategies like the 20-minute rule and June bugging, where tasks are broken into manageable intervals, can promote productivity and help individuals stay on track with their goals.


  • Host: Thank you, Kjristen, for sharing these valuable insights on goal setting and management. It has been an incredibly insightful conversation.
  • Kjristen: You're welcome. It was my pleasure to discuss these critical aspects of achieving one's goals.


Connect with Kjristen:

Facebook @Kjerstin Klein @Devatas Solutions 

LinkedIn @Kjerstin Klein 

Instagram @kjerstinklein


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